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West Hollywood iPhone Screen Repair is a reliable iPhone repair store located in the West Hollywood area near Los Angeles, CA. Our mobile phone repair service shop offers to repair and unlock various mobile phones and other handheld devices within 30 minutes!

Our repair technicians have over two decades of experience in cell phone repair, iPad repair, iPad screen repair and computer repair. We deal primarily with Apple products like Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Our professional iPhone screen repair West Hollywood technicians specialize in all models of iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac. Our super-fast service is trusted by thousands of customers in the West Hollywood area. We offer competitive, upfront pricing that can’t be beaten.

In case you do not reside in the Los Angeles area or its suburbs, there is still a way to use our service. Just courier the phone to our West Hollywood store address with a note. We shall go through your iPhone or other Apple device for problems mentioned like data recovery, cracked screen or broken screen, battery replacement, screen replacement, etc., fix the phone and courier it back to you.

Top 5 Reasons for choosing us as your iPhone Repair Shop

Affordable and Reliable Service

Our #1 goal is to provide fast, affordable and dependable iPhone repair and iPhone fix in West Hollywood. With over 20 years of combined experience in computer and mobile device repairs, we are proud to say that we are the most qualified leaders in the area.

Great Location and Reach

We have a great reach encompassing the entire West Hollywood and also the City of Los Angeles as well as most of its surrounding areas such as Marina Del Ray and North Hollywood, to name a few. In case you reside in these areas, you can easily visit our iPhone repair shop and get your phone fixed.

Fast service

At the West Hollywood iPhone Screen Repair Store, smart phones or Mac computers are fixed while you wait and when it is done, our customers leave with it. This fast service, sometimes in 20 minutes gives us an advantage over many other cell phone repair shops in the Los Angeles area.

Highly qualified phone and computer repair technicians

Technicians at the  West Hollywood iPhone Screen Repair, shop are highly trained individuals who will fix your damaged cell phone, tablet, or computer and make it seem as it is new. Besides providing great service, our technicians can also advise you on the features of the latest phone models and phone accessories. No wonder, our LA customers keep frequenting our West Hollywood shop.

Genuine and original spare parts

Our computer and phone technicians use original spare parts for all iPhones and computers. This makes it easier for potential customers who will not get fooled by unbelievably low pricing but the problem reappears within weeks. This means that when your phone gets fixed by us, it is highly unlikely to have functional problems as the OEM parts are compatible with the Apple products besides being long-lasting.

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Our professional technicians specialize in all models of iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac. Our super fast service is trusted by thousands of customers in the West Hollywood area. We offer competitive, upfront pricing that can't be beat.

We can fix your Apple Device

Our computer and iPhone Repair Services in West Hollywood

We face many challenges from cracked screens to broken lenses and phone bodies, our services at the West Hollywood iPhone Screen Repair Center will cater to all these problems when you visit us.

We offer high-quality components with top-notch service, all backed by our in-house warranty. Affordable pricing is a given.

screen repair

Our LCD screens are Grade-A quality, backed by our in-house warranty!


Charging Port Repair

Loose connection down there? We can tighten it up!


Audio Issues

Input tone of voice will be professional and calm while reading out loud

Speaker Repair

We can fix your scratchy or low-volume speaker!

Battery Repair

​​We'll give it a tune-up and make sure you have all the energy for what's ahead!


Microphone Repair

We improve upon whatever shortcomings there may have been with regards to enunciation or volume level.

What would you like to fix today?

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