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6 Basic iPad Troubleshooting Tips You Must Know

Most of us need a computer for mundane tasks like web browsing, social media surfing, and video streaming. For all these basic tasks, the iPad is handy and quite sufficient. Designed by Apple Engineers, this iPadOS device is the best among tablets. Yet, the iPad is not immune to common issues that any tablet can face. These could be charging issues, connectivity issues, audio issues, battery issues, Wi-Fi issues, and more. The ideal solution to resolve these iPad problems would be to head to an expert iPad repair store

However, before that, you can try your hand at these basic troubleshooting tips to give the satisfaction of trying to keep your device healthy. 

Basic iPad Troubleshooting tips

Power On or Turn On Issues 

For iPad with no Home Button 

For iPad versions like iPad X and more without a separate Home button, you can try this technique if it does not turn on. 

Press and hold the Power Button and either of the volume buttons until the slider appears.

For iPad with Home Button

Hold the Power Button until you see the slider.

Drag the slider to switch off and now hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

Force Restart your iPad

For iPad with no Home Button 

Press-hold the Volume Up Button for just a minute. Quickly release it and press-hold the Volume Down Button. Now press the Power button till the device restarts. This works for iPhone 8 and over.

For iPad with Home Button 

For earlier versions like iPhone 6 which has a Home button, press the Home and side buttons for 10 seconds till the Apple logo appears.

iPad is slow to your touch

If your iPad is slow to respond to your touch, maybe its screen needs cleaning. Take a damp cloth and wipe it clean. Do not use window cleaning liquids or detergents.

Update issues

If your iPad is not getting updated to the latest version, it could be due to any of these reasons. The device charge could be less than 50% or the low power mode might be OFF. You must be connected to a proper Wi-Fi network. You cannot be in mobile data or on a VPN.

Wi-Fi Connection Issues

If you have any trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi on your iPad, follow these steps. First, turn the Wi-Fi off. Go to Settings> Wi-Fi and check if both your router and modem are on. See if your Wi-Fi software is of the latest version else update it. Now, turn the Power Off and hold the ON/OFF button till you see the “slide to power off” appear. Switch off your router and then, turn it on. Next, change your DNS settings so that you can use Google’s Public DNS and Now, go to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Settings and reset them.

App Issues

If any of your apps are not working on your iPad, follow these steps. First, check if your iPad’s iOS is updated to the latest software update. Then, see if your app has an update by going to the App store > Updates and then, updating it. If only one app has trouble, close the app, delete it by double pressing on the App icon and pressing the “-” sign on it. Now, try relaunching the app and check if it works.

Slow charging or battery charging issues

If you feel your iPad’s charging process is slow, check the charging cable to see if it is damaged. Next, check the lightning port of your device to see if it has any dirt and clean it. Lastly, try plugging it into another power outlet.

Battery draining issues

If you feel the battery power of your iPad does not last long, it means your battery is draining. You can try any of these to prevent this. 

  • Go to Display> Brightness and change the brightness level to Auto brightness.
  • See if Background App refresh is ON and turn it OFF.
  • Go to Display settings and Change the Auto-Lock feature of your iPad to 30 seconds
  • Use earphones and avoid using the speakers of your iPad
  • Switch off Data Roaming and Mobile data

The troubleshooting steps to solve your iPad issues are many and need much patience. If you feel you are not up to this, it is best to entrust your device to a trusted local West Hollywood iPad repair shop and solve the problem professionally.