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How to find the best iPhone repair shop for you

Buying an iPhone must have been a proud moment for you but a pricey one too. Having spent a huge sum of money on purchasing the phone, you try to safeguard it with your dear life. But mishaps do happen and your iPhone does not work! Now, you have to hunt for a good iPhone repair shop. Just any ordinary cell phone repair shop will not do. You should go only to an expert cellphone repair service provider. 

How do you find such a high-quality mobile repair shop for your iPhone on such short notice? And what are the factors you should note to ascertain that they do Apple-certified repairs? Any other precautions before you entrust your precious iPhone to the phone repair company?

Read on to find the answers.

Factors that help you find the best iPhone repair shop near you


To find the right cellular repair center for your iPhone, do a little digging around for data. Check out how much it costs to repair port damage, water damage, liquid damage, or for screen or battery replacement service. 

Make a list of the iPhone service providers in your area. Scrutinize each one of them by reading their customer reviews, GMB ratings, etc. You can even call and talk to each of them. 

Authorized Provider vs. Unauthorized provider

The next deciding factor is whether you wish to go to an Apple Repair center or not. This decision has its pros and cons. An Apple Authorized Service Provider will use only Apple-branded accessories and the service will be reliable. But be prepared to incur huge repair costs. Also, if your iPhone is out of Product warranty or on Apple Limited Warranty, the authorized center might insist on replacement rather than repair.

On the other hand, independent repair shops may not be authorized by Apple but they can still offer exceptional customer service. These third-party repair shops offer you effective repair services at cheaper repair prices. They might use aftermarket products but can still guarantee after-service for future repairs. 

Many people think that a third-party repair shop will do unauthorized modifications or use bad quality components and do not trust them Most often, they are mistaken. Reliable cell service providers are conscious of their reputation and do not want to lose their customer trust. So, they provide apple-quality repair at reasonable prices. So, you can be assured of high-quality parts being used and some of them even give a 3-month repair warranty.

So, it is not the Authorization that matters but the commitment to solving repair issues for your iPhone.

The aspect of Phone repair

The next thing to look for is if your mobile phone repair shop covers all aspects of iPhone repair. Like screen repair, speaker repair, microphone repair, charging port repair, battery repair, etc. Some providers may do only basic repairs and may not handle hardware or electronic issues. 

Range of repair services

Check if your iPhone repair center offers other repair services too like tablet repair, game console repair, etc. Such repairs need a wealth of knowledge and experience that might just come in handy for you.

90-day warranty

Always look for repair techs who can offer a 90-day warranty for your iPhone service. Many iPhone repair stores offer such a warranty considering the cost of the product and also the expenses for its repair. This limited warranty will give you some peace of mind knowing that the product will work well for another 3 months.

Same-day service 

Your iPhone is your work desk and you cannot be without it for a minute. So, the sooner you get its repair done, the better. Look for same-day service or express replacement service when you consider a repair store.

Affordable repair costs

The most crucial factor to look for in iPhone repair stores is if they offer affordable repair options. This could be insurance coverage, monthly installments, etc. It is also better to look for a cell phone repair service that will tell you the cost of the repair upfront.

Use the above factors to zero in on the right iPhone repair shop from the list above.

Always look for an iPhone repair shop that is accessible, affordable, and amenable to the claims process. West Hollywood iPhone Screen Repair is one of the best local iPhone repair shops in West Hollywood. Come to us whenever your Apple smartphone is damaged and we will fix it.